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ULTRATECH Hørebeskyttelse


1 pair of high-quality ear plugs,especially suitable for enjoying music without damaging the hearing, e.g. at concerts or similar events, in a discotheque or as a musician on stage or in the practice room.
A sophisticated filter system allows for an equal absorption at almost every frequency. Thus, the music is provided at a lower volume only and not dull, but transparent. In addition, the voice transmission is enhanced which allows for a good audibility. Three soft membranes provide a perfect fit in the ear. It is comfortable to wear, even for longer time periods.
  • Medium absorption: 21 dB
  • According to EN 352-2
  • Grips for convenient handling
  • Comfortable to wear due to lamellar design
  • Supplied with storage box

125 Hz-15.3 dB
250 Hz-18.1 dB
500 Hz-20.8 dB
1,000 Hz-21.8 dB
2,000 Hz-26.3 dB
4,000 Hz-21.5 dB
8,000 Hz-27 dB

295,00 DKK


Varenummer 221050