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Karaokepakke 33 CDG. Blandede karaokehits

Karaokepakke 33 CDG. Blandede karaokehits
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Karaokepakke med 5 CDG karaokeplader til superpris. Mange gode karaokehits.
Karaokepakken indeholder masser af god karaokemusik:

Alle sange findes i både i original version og i vocal version.

If you're gone - Matchbox 20
Stronger - Britney Spears
She Bangs - Ricky Marting
Gotta tell you . Samantha Mumba
Dance with me - Debelah Morgan
Hemorrhage - Fuel
Wasting time - Kid rock
Californication - Red hot chili peppers

Case of the ex - Mya
Independent woman - Destiny's Child
So in love with two - Mikaila
If a Am - Nine Days
Sad eyes - Enrique Iglesias
My baby you - Marc Anthony
Promise - Eve 6
Painted on my heart - The cult

Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagles Fly - Tippin, Aaron
Beer Run - Jones, George & Garth Brooks
I Wanna Talk About Me - Keith, Toby
Shiver - O'Neal, Jamie
Saints & Angels - Evans, Sara
Easy For Me To Say - Black, Clint & Lisa Hartman
Some Days You Gotta Dance - Dixie Chicks
Run - Strait, George
Riding With Private Malone - Bell, David

Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo - Byrd, Tracy
Get Over Yourself - SHeDAISY
Almost There - Nolen, Gabbie
Ol' Red - Shelton, Blake
Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man - Griggs, Andy
I Miss My Friend - Worley, Darryl
This Pretender - Diffie, Joe
I'm Gonna Miss Her - Paisley, Brad
I Should Be Sleeping - Emerson Drive

Don't Happen Twice - Chesney, Kenny
Things Change - McGraw, Tim
That's What I Like About You - Montgomery, John Michael
People Like Us - Tippin, Aaron
It's A Great Day To Be Alive - Tritt, Travis
Pour Me - Trick Pony
Lookin' For Love - Sawyer Brown
Oklahoma - Gilman, Billy
My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy - Judd, Cledus T.
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